Gucci Gift Giving Campaign 2016

November 21, 2016

Gucci’s idea of welcoming the holiday season is unlike any other brand. Nothing with cliché white snow, festive lights and scenes of happy families and Christmas trees. Instead, the maximalist driven Alessandro Michele is giving us his unique festive vision, one inspired by the biblical Garden of Eden. Within this lush paradise 'resides' many of the mesmerising animal iconography the brand is now known for. Bags, shoes and accessories are all embellished with Kingsnakes, Bengal tigers, Birds, Bees and Horses...creating an enchanting treatment that ignites desire. I want almost everything! Wallet threatening they may all be, they are however undeniably gifts that everyone will covet.

I am particularly captivated by the serpent series. I am not a fan of reptiles, quite scared of them actually. But the brightly coloured Kingsnake print looks striking against the black grained leather or GG monogram. You somehow love and get creeped out at the same time staring at the very life-like reptilian illustration. Love the backpack (USD2390), the duffel (USD2390) and the pouch (USD750). There are also small leather goods from wallets to iphone cases for those with a smaller budget.

Santa, send me any and I will be a very happy camper for Christmas!

(Source: Gucci)

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