Interiors Friday: Winter Ready Bedrooms

November 18, 2016

For the first time in my blog’s history, I am bringing my love for interior design as a content feature. I always believe being stylish does not just stop at clothes and bags. I support the idea of looking good in all aspects of one’s life. So living spaces, design, technology, food and aptitude for travel/adventure are all crucial to complete true stylish living.

Home style is as important as personal style. There is simply a disconnect between dressing up with all your designer wares in front of your friends and then return home to an uninspiring space. Your home should also be a platform to express who you are and what you love.

Since I have been doing a ‘myMANybags Interiors Friday’ feature on my instagram for a while (Albeit inconsistently lately. Apologies), so it is natural that I should carry through my curation of inspiring spaces as a blog feature. For this first edition, I want to share with you inspirations for the most intimate space a person can have. The Bedroom. Winter is the perfect time to spruce up the bedroom, get ready for nesting cold weather strikes. So what makes a cosy, masculine bedroom in my books? It’s soothing neutral tones (Greys or navys), wood finishes and classic textures and patterns. For an additional winter touch, use bedding to introduce plaids, wool throws and lots of pillows to make your sleep space even more inviting.

So... what sort of bedroom guy are you?

Minimalist is a great theme. Uncluttered and always looking comforting and clean. But remember this aesthetic can get clinical, so it is important to add warm touches in the form of wood tones, pattern or plant life to liven up the space. (Lots of concealed storage is imperative to make this space livable while looking sparse.)

Modern Rustic is one of my favourite interior styles. There is a mountain lodge and hunky lumberjack fantasy going for me with this theme. Use mid tone woods, fur textures and earth tone bedding and homewares to create a balance feeling of nature and contemporary design. I will recommend keeping the colour scheme to a more subdued palette of muted browns, whites, greys and black for maximum effect. Touches of metallic or brass furnishes will bring some sparkle and keep things interesting.

Scandinavians are well loved for their pure, fuss free designs. They always bring in a touch of the natural to connect their minimal, graphic style. Use lots of whites or pastel to create an airy feel. Slightly dishevelled, nothing pretentious with a true live in aesthetic is fundamental for the Scandinavina look. Finally, introduce plants and graphic furnishes (be in wall pattern or framed art) to injects character and an artsy attitude for more colours and visual contrasts.

We are what we live and breath in. Hope you guys will find inspirations with my feature. Most importantly, decking up your bedroom proper (besides creating a comfortable environment to sleep in or ‘roll in the hay’ with someone else:-P), gives you the perfect backdrop to take sexy instagram pics like what Paolo Stella did. So what are you waiting for? Go spruce up your winter-ready bedrooms today!

(Image source: @themanhome, @paolostella @tylerdeanco @deer.home from Instagram, Pinterest)

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