Loewe Puzzle Small Wallet

November 15, 2016

My wallet shopping criteria is somewhat ‘strange’ when compared to many of my other friends. I know majority of guys prefer a slim bi-fold without coin pouch to avoid the unsightly appearance of bulk for their wallets. For me, I  like my wallets to come with one. I am just one of those guys who wants access to everything at one go and do not have to keep a separate coin pouch for loose change. However, it is a very trying task to locate wallets with coin pouches that look good and still retain this feature. Often than not, the more appealing ones are continental long wallets which to me can be cumbersome to handle and keep.

Searching high and low, from mens to womens... Loewe, seems to have heard my prayers and now they offer the Puzzle series in both long and compact wallets. Most importantly, the compact version comes with a handy coin pouch! Since I am already a big fan of the Puzzle bag, so this is a given that I would welcome the design.

The Loewe Puzzle Small Wallet measures 12 x 11.5 x 2.5 cm with a zip around closure and a matching long leather pull tab. The signature geometric calf leather panelling carries through from front to back with a subtle Loewe anagram on the top right hand corner. I love the simplicity, yet it is something different for a wallet with a proper snap button coin pouch.  A subtle debossed Loewe logo brands the interior and it also comes with four card slots and a bill pocket in contrasting black smooth leather. The dark interior provides a good contrast against the more colourful outer leather, should you opt for a bright colour.

Available in six beautiful colours, my favourite has to be the bright red and cool navy. Because I love this wallet so much, I got both!

Design ★★★
Inheriting the much coveted Puzzle Bag design, the compact wallet lives up to its design appeal. The brightly hued outer calf leather is structured and soft while resistant to scratches. I also love the zipper pulls which comes in silver or gold tone. Inside, the card slots, bill pocket and coin pouch works perfect for a person like me, who wants access to everything in one wallet. The size is also a plus, being small enough to be kept in bags or carry around in hand.

If I were to find a minor fault, it is the restrictive opening of the wallet (due to the zip around design), that makes retreiveing notes a slightly struggle. Fortunately, all the other details more than makes up for this minor inconvenience.

At SGD750 or 395€, the price is on the high side for a compact wallet. However, the quality and workmanship of Loewe should justify this price tag.

★★★★  Excellent. Highly recommended
★★★  Great. Deserving a thumbs up
★★  Good. Fulfill its promise
★★★  Mediocre. No surprises

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