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November 15, 2016

White sneakers are one of the most versatile pieces a guy can have in his wardrobe. You can dress up or down depending on occasions and still exudes a clean modern style any time of the day. Flooded with so many choices, white sneakers can look generic amongst the simplicity of the colour. For me, when I choose a pair, I look out for unique details in classic shapes that sets them apart. Nothing too outrageous but just enough to have a talking point.

Recently I was gifted a pair of BOTH sneakers which I fancied a lot. Originating from France, BOTH is an independent design label with an aesthetic belief of ‘we interpret balance’. BOTH’s unique designs infuses natural materials with modern technologies. Their brand’s signature is the way they are able to manipulate rubber to create textures and details that embodies urban forward style. Some of their shoes (High tops) have this brilliant rubber coating over the laces and zippers, almost like a sculptural piece, except it is wearable. I also love the way they manipulate rubber to form ‘creasing’ textures, such as the pair I got. Shapes are inspired somewhat by classic ‘Converse’ designs which makes them highly versatile. You might think that incorporating this much rubber makes the shoes uncomfortable for human wear? Well, worry not, the balance of leather construction and rubber materials are done just right to create comfort

Little details like rubber coating on the ends of the shoe laces carry their aesthetic throughout and shows the level of attentiveness in design thinking. I  always support little details accentuates a design.

Sneaker styles range from low to hi-tops in compositions of horse leather and rubber uppers, rubber soles and calf hair lining. Prices range from € 270 - €390. Check out their website,, for more details.

My review ratings based on my personal experience with the product.

I am all for the unique treatment of rubber to create sculptural like details on sneakers. There is an intrinsic artistic quality to this unique technique. A quiet design that speaks volumes. I like understated with an impact.

However I am subtracting a star base on the weight of the shoe. They are on the heavier side. It would have been more perfect if they are lighter so you can travel around with them more easily.

Comfort  ★★
Because of the use of leather as lining, they feel comfortable and not synthetic as the impression of rubber creates. It feels like any other pair of good comfy shoes you own.

★★★★  Excellent. Highly recommended
★★★  Great. Deserving a thumbs up
★★  Good. Fulfill its promise
★★★  Mediocre. No surprises

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