Perfect reward to end 2016: Loewe Marquetry Collection Flamenco Knot Bag

December 24, 2016

It’s Christmas eve! What treats have you decided to bestow upon yourself to reward a good year of hard work? 

Here’s mine! I finally got myself a bag that I have been wanting since last Dec. Yes, the Loewe Flamenco Knot Bag in medium size is finally in my bag collection. And instead of the classic regular version, I got one that is more and displays the expertise in leather techniques of the brand. Welcome my new Loewe Flamenco Knot in tan/camel from their interesting marquetry collection. 

So what’s the difference between the classic and this marquetry version? The most obvious of course, is the colour block effect that you instantly see on the front panel. My tan colour version features a tone on tone camel lambskin leather panel against the tan calfskin, creating a timeless colour play effect. Nothing too outrageous and yet adds a different visual dimension to the bag. But if you observed closely, the colour block panel is not printed or stitched over the overall calfskin leather. It is a leather piece that is meticulously aligned and sewn into an inset space on the front. That is no easy feat to have the stitching done so perfectly, with minimal gaps equal all around. The leather inset and the space to be cut and placed on precisely in order to align so seamlessly. And Loewe indeed display it’s craftsmanship to be able achieve this with flawless result. I am impressed. This is what Loewe’s marquetry in leather collection is all about. (Marquetry is traditionally applied on furniture to create intricate details as insets on surfaces but Loewe adopted this technique for their leather crafts.) 

The other significant difference is the inside of the bag. Instead of being lined in a off white cotton line fabric, the marquetry version is lined in suede. I prefer the suede interior as it is darker colour to resist dirt and feels more tactile and luxurious. With all these added details, the marquetry collection version costs SGD400 or €200 more than the single colour version. Well, the work involved definitely justifies this price increase. I appreciate the colour blocking effect, gives me 2 ways to wear the bag and is more unique. I can show off the front if I want more colour or the back if I want a single hue. 

The Loewe Flamenco Knot bag itself is a slouchy drawstring style bag that allows for a casual versatile look perfect for everyday. The grained calfskin is soft and yet semi structured to give the silhouette body. The roomy interiors has zip and slit pockets which keeps you organised. What I love most, however, is the clever adjustable leather strap that shortens the bag to be a messenger style or hobo style. (The hobo style is great for ladies. So my mum can use my bag if she wants:-) The messenger style is however most perfect for guys, as does the size of 32x28.5x15 cm. (Do you know the flamenco bag takes more than 6 hours to craft?) You are definitely buying into hand crafted luxury. Love it! I am all set for Christmas and new years! Happy holidays everyone! Leave comments on what you got yourself this Christmas. Or tag me on instagram @mymanybags:-)

Design ★★ 
I have to admit, I am bias when it comes to Loewe. I just love Jonathan Anderson’s designs which is unconventional and innovative. The Flamenco Knot bag in tan colour has been wish listed since last Dec, so to get one and one with the colour block marquetry technique is even better. It is unique and showcases expert leather workmanship while having a classic colour and interesting silhouette. The drawstring style is casual for weekends and can pack a good amount without visually weighing you down. The transformative length of the strap allows for more than 2 ways to carry, hobo and messenger which is a bonus. The knot details is distinctive without having to blatantly showing the logo. I also love the Loewe’s leather and colours. The tan is the most beautiful I have seen other than Hermés. Workmanship is superb as well. So I give it top ratings!

Not exactly inexpensive. But the design and workmanship speaks for itself. The leather is of such good quality, and yet do not warrant Hermés pricing is a huge draw for me. Although this marquetry version is slightly more expensive than the regular version, I love the added contrast colour and leather types. Soft lambskin with grain calfskin.

★★★★  ExcellentHighlrecommended
★★★  Great. Deserving a thumbs up
★★  GoodFulfill its promise
★★★  MediocreNo surprises

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